人気50S ROCKABILLY/R&Rコンピレーションシリーズが紙ジャケット仕様のCD10枚組BOX化。ボーナストラック収録でLPより多い全310曲収録。28ページ ブックレット付属の限定盤。

Disc 1

1.Burrie Manso/My Woman

2.Danny Noie & The Catalinas/It Ain't A Big Thing

3.Ray Mc Coy/I Need It

4.Tony Chick/A Car

5.Gary Shelton/Stop The World

6.Henry Henry/Hong Kong Mississippi

7.Lonesome Drifter/Honey Do You Think Of Me

8.Lee Mc Bride/Confusin'

9.Keith Loren/Born To Ramble

10.Big Daddy G/Big Berry (Boss Man Guitar)

11.Jerry Arnold/When You Said Goodbye

12.Bobby De Witt/Annie Mae

13.Tommy Jim Beam/Dry Eyed Baby

14.Jimmy Witter/Aaaaaahhhh!

15.Tex Neighbours/Rockin' Beat

16.Kenny Smith/I'm So Lonesome Baby

17.Bobby Smith/She's Gone From Me

18.Harold & The Offbeats/Three Years

19.Dennis Volk/You Are The One

20.Al Ferrier/No No Baby

21.Jimmy Wray/Take My Love

22.Maylon Humphries/Worried About You Baby

23.Jimmy Kirkland/Come On Baby

24.The Echomores/Cute Chick

25.Eddie Cleary/Meet Miss Susie

26.Danny Darren/Fool About You

27.Unknown Artist/A Burning Coal

28.Tex Neighbours/Ain't Going That Route

29.Rodney & The Blazers/Oriental Nightmare

30.Ronnie Ellis/Honey Blonde

31.Wayne Newman/Rita-Juanita 

Disc 2

1.James Mask/Hootchie Coochie Girl

2.Jack & The Knights/Rock The Blues Away

3.Hayden Thompson/Watcha Gonna Do

4.Eddie Quinteros/Slow Down Daddy

5.Rick Rickels/I'm Gone

6.The Crew/Why Did You Leave Me

7.Steve Bledsoe/Too Many Girlfriends

8.Little Jackie Wayne/White Felt Hat

9.Bobby Nelson Quartet/There Ain't Nothing True About You

10.Jimmy Edwards/Why'd You Leave Me

11.Tony Garo/Whole Lotta Shakin'

12.Rick Rickels/You Gonna Go Away

13.Brenda Holly/Crazy Little Heart

14.Jimmy Dee/Guitar Pickin' Man

15.Larry Brinkley/Jackson Dog

16.Bobby & Rhythm Rockers/Rhythm Rock

17.Artie Dillon/In My Teens

18.Pat Ferguson/Fool I Am

19.Pete Ciolino/Daddy Joe

20.Gary Huckaby/Eager Lips

21.Al Davis/Time

22.Jesse Stevens/Go Boy Go

23.Earl Reed/Mama

24.Billy Lee/Hey Now Baby

25.Jimmy Ridley/Rock-A-Bye Baby

26.Benny Joy/Spin The Bottle (Alt Take)

27.Nancy & The Millionairs/Atooka Okia

28.Eldon Rice/Woke Up This Morning

29.Richard Brothers/Drunk Driver's Coming

30.The Rovin' Ramblers/Do The Fly

31.Nicky Brazell/Betty Jo

Disc 3

1.Stann Gunn/Babysitter Boogie

2.Ron Berry/I'll Give You All My Love

3.Danny Mayo/Pretty Baby Talk

4.Bill Blevins/Crazy Blues

5.Joe I White/Staying Home Tonight

6.Stormy Gayle/Flipsville

7.Johnny Carroll/Whisky River

8.Blacky Vale/If I Had Me A Woman

9.Johnny Gamble/Wicked Woman

10.Floyd Mack/I Like To Go

11.Johnny Donton/Hey Baby

12.Jimmy Wayne/You Shake Me

13.Jim Mccrory/Rock Ya Baby

14.Floyd Dletcher/Move On Down The Track

15.Junior Dean & The Avalons/Chick Chick

16.Mike Waggoner & The Bops/Coming Up

17.Rudy Owen/Pretty Linda

18.Dinky Harris/She Left Me Crying

19.Tommy Bell/Midnight Dreams

20.Bobby Lawson/If You Want My Love

21.Billy Lee/Down 'N' Broke

22.Ralph Neilsen/Scream

23.Ritchie Deran/Little Willie

24.Howard Perkins/Lovin' Baby

25.Frank Thayer/Long Gray Highway

26.Harold Jackson/Mean Cat Daddy

27.Buck Fowler/She's Just That Kind

28.Willy Tremains Thunderbirds/Midnight Train

29.The Doggers/Boogie Man

30.The Night Hawks/Jitterbug Joe

31.John Fred & The Playboys/Boogie Children

Disc 4

1.The Cruisers/Betty Ann

2.Aubrey Cagle/Bop & Stroll

3.Glenn Garrison/The Ballad Of Hank Gordon

4.Darrell Rhodes/I Thought About You

5.Bobby Roberts/She's My Woman

6.Wayne Newman/Midnight Train

7.Curley Jim/Sloppy Sloppy Sue

8.Harold Jackson/Go Cat Go

9.Gene Criss/I Don't Know

10.Don Ellis/Blue Fire

11.Glenn Barr/Only Cowgirl In Town

12.Vince Maloy/Hubba Hubba Ding Dong

13.Donnie Martindale/Go Jenny

14.Stan Johnson/Baby Baby Doll

15.F.D. Johnson/Be My Baby

16.Al Davis/Go Baby Go

17.Tommy Moreland/Bang Band

18.Ralph/I've Got It

19.Hank Davis & Electras/Women Train

20.Farris Wilder/It's All Your Fault

21.Clay Eager/Helen Jo

22.Jimmy Keller/Brush Pile Burn

23.Perry La Pointe/B.O. Rock

24.Harold White/You're Not Mine

25.The Relyea's/Country Boy

26.The Kingbeats/I've Been A Bad Boy

27.Betty Smith/Yeh Baby

28.Rick Bounty/It Will Be Me

29.Bobby Mcdovell/Lonely

30.Tom & The Tornadoes/Long Pony Tail

31.The Royal Jokers/Vibrations

Disc 5

1.Lee Mitchell/Who's That Big Man

2.Johnny Garmon/You're Wrong

3.Bobby Everhart/Little Girl

4.Leroy Dobson/I Wanta Make Love

5.Sonny Russell/50 Megatons

6.Danny & The Galaxies/If You Wanna Be My Baby

7.Tommy Cassell/Run Along Little Girl

8.Buddy Watson/If I Had Me A Woman

9.Kent Westberry/My Baby Don't Rock Me

10.Paul Ballenger/I Hear Thunder

11.Kenny Baker/Goodbye Little Star

12.The Nighthawks/When Sin Stops

13.Randy Luck/I Was A Teenage Caveman

14.Charles Walton/Four Four Time

15.Hank Le Gault/I Knew

16.Roy James/Rock & Roll Mama

17.Chuck Wiley/I Wanna Dance All Night

18.Link Wray/Ain't That Loving You Baby

19.Stormy & Stallions/Hot Rockin' Baby

20.Bobby Wall/Baby It's Too Much

21.Dick Seaton/Jukebox Rock

22.Carlos Diaz/Sugaree

23.Curley Saunders/Brand New Rock And Roll

24.Lonesome Long John Roller/Flagpole Rock

25.Lonnie Miley/Satellite Fever & Asiatic Flu

26.Tommy Cassell/It Ain't What You Got

27.Jack Kitchen/Hot Rod Boogie

28.Nelson Ray/Walkin' Shoes

29.Adrian Lloyd/Justine

30.Donald Hanchey/Restricted

31.The Spades/Jim Dandy

Disc 6

1.The Tempests/Rockin' Rochester

2.The Bop Cats/Baby Baby

3.Jimmy Kirkland/I Wonder If You Wonder

4.Peter Lewis/Four City Rock

5.Lynn Pratt/They're Learning

6.Three Ramblers/Tom Cat Daddy's Blues

7.The Mystery Trio/Willie Joe

8.The Darts/Square Town

9.Hank Legault/Shame

10.Jimmy Lee/You Ain't No Good For Me

11.Pat Cupp/That Girl Of Mine (Demo)

12.Bobby Wayne/I Love My Baby

13.Rod Willis/Will Travel

14.Teddy & The Rough Riders/Tomahawk

15.Phil Gray/Bluest Boy In Town

16.Darrell Rhodes/Runnin And Chasin'

17.Allen Page/Sugar Tree

18.Benny England/Eloping

19.Bill Bell/Little Bitty Girl

20.Johnny Carlton/She's A Moonlighter

21.Three Ramblers/Rock And Roll Tonight

22.Bob Calloway/Tick Tock

23.Rodger & The Tempests/Bad Bad Way

24.Bobby Verne/Red Hot Car

25.Pat Cupp/I Guess It's Meant That Way

26.Paul Wheatley/I'm Not Movin'

27.George Weston/I Need You Baby

28.Teddy & The Rough Riders/Thunderhead

29.The Fireflies/Stella Got A Fellow

30.Bill Strickland/The Shape You Left Me In

31.The Rhythm Rockers/Bad News

Disc 7

1.Rover Porter/A Woman Can Make Me Blue

2.The Rockin' Continentals/Cobra 289

3.The DelMingos/Hop, Skip And Jump

4.Tony Casanova/The Grave

5.Lenny & The Star Chiefs/My Queen And Me

6.Beecher Hickman/Hey Blues

7.Sonny Wallace/Black Cadillac

8.The Twiliters/Move It!

9.The Chavis Brothers/Love Me Baby

10.Jack Huddle/Starlight

11.Benny Joy/Wild Wild Lover

12.The Crew/Red Chevrolet

13.Bobby Lawson/Baby Don't Be That Way

14.Glenn Mooney/Come Over Rover

15.Billy Adams/Rock Pretty Mama

16.Dixie Dee/Bright Lights (Diff. Version)

17.Steve Alaimo/She's My Baby

18.The Escorts/Cajun Queen

19.Tone Casanova/Yeah Yeah Come Another Day

20.Bozo Ratliff/Rock Along Time

21.The Thunderbirds/Flying Saucers

22.The Starfires/Linda

23.Winnie Starr & The Omaha Kid/Baby By Rock

24.Lucky Plank/Hey Hey Baby

25.Bob James/As My Heart Is To You

26.Jack Starr/My Love For You Is Petrified

27.Billy Perkins/Campus Cutie

28.Gene Terry/Cindy Lou

29.Buddy Sharpe/Bald Headed Baby

30.Jim Francis/Travellin'

31.The Thunder Rocks/Oh My Linda

Disc 8

1.Everett Pauley/Little Girl

2.Three Aces & Joker/Sleighbell Rock

3.Bill Swing/Messed Up

4.Johnny Bond/3-4 Nights

5.Bob Cass/Corvette Baby

6.Willie Ward/I'm A Madman

7.Lanny Duncan/Romeo's Teacher

8.Buddy Miller/I Got Me A Woman

9.The Catalinas/The Catalina Push

10.Bob Luman/Guitar Picker

11.Ron Allers/Heartless Woman

12.Leon Bowman/Rocking The Blues

13.Alvie Edwards/Real Gone Baby

14.Musical Linn Twins/Indian Rock

15.The Rhythm Tones/Baby Sue

16.Jimmy Dane/Please Have Mercy

17.Charles Ross/Little Bit Lonesome

18.Rick Reason/I Feel So Bad

19.Derry Weaver/Ittie Bitty Betty

20.Fabouluos Thundertones/Hey Sally Ma

21.Mark Robinson/Pretty Jane

22.Frankie & Margie/The Martian Boogie

23.Glenn Walp & The Casuals/Honeybun

24.Vince Maloy/Crazy About You

25.Jerry Dallman/The Bug

26.Johnny Taylor/Mixed Up Rhythm

27.Robbie Robbins/Hurry

28.Commonwealth Jones/Jump & Run

29.The Rimfires/Bandstand Step

30.Lawrence Flippo/Let's Do It

31.Bucky & The Premiers/Cruisin'

Disc 9

1.The Rhythm Rockets/The Slide

2.Henry Henry/Baggie Maggie

3.Dave Travis/I Don't Like It

4.Ricky & The Stompers/Wild One

5.The Tornadoes/Tornado Twist

6.Joe Richie/Across The Bay

7.Mike Waggoner & The Bops/Guitar Man

8.Link Wray/Mary Ann

9.The Rock-A-Teens/Doggone It Baby

10.Ray Melton/Boppin' Guitar

11.The Nitebeats/Nitebeats Are Rocking

12.The Roxsters/So Long

13.Maynard Horlick/Do The Bop Bop Bop

14.Tex Neighbours/Rock And Roll Dot

15.Marvin Jackson/Get Whiz Miss Liz

16.Mike Mcallister/I Don't Dig It

17.Bob Grady/Granny Top 'em At The Hop

18.The Jive Kings/Preacher Man

19.Francis Zambon/Our Love Will Last

20.John Worthan/Too Too Many

21.Johnny Fuller/All Night Long

22.Lee Mitchell/Rootie Tootie Baby

23.Danny Wheeler/Teenie Weenie Man

24.Stormy & The Stallions/Mind Your Own Business

25.The Spirals/Babay You Just Wait

26.Eddie Reynolds/Teen Lover

27.Guitar Jeff/Jump And Shout

28.Jan Davis/Destination Love

29.Johnny Lion/Haunted Heart

30.Robert Smith/Travelling Sam

31.Jerry Bryan/Walkin' Out

Disc 10

1.Donnie Dean/Frankie & Johnny

2.Clear Waters/Hillbilly Blues

3.Lee Dresser/Thinkin' Bout Your Love

4.Billy Smith/Johnny Machine

5.Garry Warren/Warewolf

6.T.K. Hulin/Little Bitty Boy

7.Avon & The Rave–Ons/Honey Honey Honey

8.The Phantom/Love Me (Alt Take)

9.James Gallagher/Ford And Shaker

10.Clyde Stacy/I Sure Do Love You Baby

11.Donnie Dean/Ruby Lee

12.Buddy Sharpe/Jump Into The River

13.The Rimfires/Un-Gowa

14.Bill Carroll/Feel So Good

15.Jim Howard/Jimbo Twist

16.Tommy Harbin/Lovers Lane Blues

17.The Monarchs/She's Mine

18.Chuck Tyler/She's All Mine

19.Johnny Waleen/Mystery Train

20.Lee Dresser/Beat Out My Love (Alt)

21.The Reekers/Don't Call Me Flyface

22.The Sonics/Marlene

23.Crazy Teens/Crazy Date

24.Mackey Beers/That Jim

25.Billy Barton/Crazy Lover

26.Skip Stanley/Satellite Baby

27.Steve Alaimo/Should I Care

28.Gin Gillette/Train To Satanville

29.The Vice-Roys/Don't Let Go

30.The Dropouts/I'm Leaving

31.Curtis Wilson/Wanted, Dead Or Alive