BILLY STRANGE/Climb Aboard The Hell Train(CD)



CAPITOL RECORDSに所属しソングライター、役者としても活動していたBILLY STRANGEの録音曲、参加曲による編集盤。ELVISWANDA JACKSONとの共演曲含む全25曲。見開き紙ジャケット仕様。

1.Cliff Stone/Barracuda

2.Billy Strange/(When The Dawn Comes)I Gotta Be Gittin Home

3.Billy Strange/Let Me In These Baby

4.Billy Strange/The Devil In Me

5.Billy Strange/I Love You Twenty-Four Hours A Day

6.Billy Strange/Kiss Kiss Kiss

7.Billy Strange/Diesel Smoke, Dangerous Curves

8.Billy Strange/Hell Train

9.Billy Strange/Crazy Guilt Rag

10.Billy Strange/Catsup And Honey

11.Billy Hill & The Valley Boys/For Better For Worse

12.Billy Strange/The Almanac Song

13.Billy Strange/16 Tons

14.Tennessee Ernie & Ella Mac Morse with Cliff Stone's Orchestra/I'm Hog - Tired Over You                  

15.Rmblin' Jimmie Dolan/O wonder If I Can Lose The Blues This Way

16.Skeets McDonald/Scoot, Git And Be Gone

17.Gene O'Quin/I Believe In Love

18.Tommy Collins/Oklahoma Hills

19.Jean Shepard & Speedy West/Twice The Lovin'(In Half The Time)

20.Roy Clark/Weepin' Willow Twist

21.Sweetpea Johnson/How Come My Dog Don't Growl At You

22.Wnda Jackson/You're The One For Me

23.The Ventures/The 2,000 pounds Bee. Part 1

24.Elvis Presley/One Broken Heart For You

25.Rickey Nelson/Ain't Nothing But Love


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